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Assembly and Test Systems, Robotics, Ergonomic Workstations, and Tabletop Presses


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The Janome servo press is one of the most advanced manufacturing systems in the world. The Janome servo press allows for simultaneous control over force, position, pressing speed and dwell time. With the Janome servo press you can identify bad parts and keep your quality control up front where it should be. You can now be sure that all your parts are manufactured under ideal parameters set by your engineers.


  • Three different configurations,
  • Stand Alone, Head Type & Unit Type
  • Six different load capacities
  • 50Kg, 200Kg, 500Kg, 1000Kg, 3000Kg & 5000Kg
  • 100 program capacity
  • 17 inputs / 16 outputs
  • Optional monitor for unit type press

Click here to see the:

JP Series Electro Press Brochure with Specifications

JP Series Clean Room Servo Press

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